Apres la Pluie - Lune


Little spirits secretly move into the house. They curl up in drawers and snuggle in the pillows. 

Created by stylist Lucille Michieli, the Après la Pluie (After the Rain) characters embody sweet little creatures who have come to take shelter in the bedroom after a walk in the forest. Inspired by childhood memories and her affinity for Japanese drawings, she provides children with little dream-like playmates.

Lune is a cute little bunny dressed in natural materials, linen and organic cotton, with large, super soft ears. At 11 inches, Lune is the perfect backpack companion for school or cuddle companion at bedtime. 

Organic cotton, linen, polyester filling. This item contains plastic resin pellets. 




  • Made with organic cotton and natural linen.
  • Moulin Roty uses non-toxic materials with the majority tested by their suppliers following the system of reference Oeko-Tex.