Pipa Wool Beanie

By Reima
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Soft and warm 100% Merino wool on the inside and outside, this Reima beanie brings you the best natural warmth. It's a favorite accessory for all winter - a classic item that matches any outfit.

  • Soft Merino wool for perfect thermal control
  • Full lining: merino wool knit
  • Ribbed design
  • Wide, folded edge
  • Yarn pom-pom

100% wool

Reima products are free from forbidden substances and are designed to minimize risk and maximize comfort in use. They aim to not only fulfill quality and safety regulations but to go above and beyond them with each product. To save resources for the future, they develop products that are easy-care and have a long life. 

  • JUST WOOL: Certified mulesing-free wool. Mulesing is an unfriendly practice used on sheep to reduce parasites. We want sheep to be treated well!