DIY Mushroom Fairy Kit

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This DIY Kit makes one Mushroom Fairy. The directions share 30 years of experience and are clear and simple to follow. The fairies are made with plant-dyed wool/rayon felt. Rayon is made from wood and the small percentage gives the felt strength. The felt is dyed by hand on Bryndu Farm, each piece is given just the right color and variation making each fairy a delight to assemble, and no two fairies are alike. The fairies are true to each plant's botanical description. Each kit contains: 2 Pipe Cleaners, Directions, Patterns, Plant Dyed Wool Rayon Felt, Cotton Knit for heads, Wool Roving for stuffing the heads and for hair. Wool Roving from Bryndu Farm's Jacob Sheep, Embroidery Floss, Wool Yarn. Age 12+