Forest Friends

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These cute little magical animal figures are from the wild, but invite them in and they will make themselves right at home. These Forest Friends are the perfect family for the A-Frame Dollcabin.

They are hand-carved and hand-painted with non-toxic plant-based dye.

Set of Three figures ( Wildcat, Bear, Raccoon) 

Lindwood, beeswax, plant-based dye, and plant-based oil coating

3" x 1.5 inches" each figure

Guineuoak began when Cisco, a third generation carpenter from Spain, started carving a doll out of a stick that he and his daughter had found in the forest during one of their daily walks. Together they built tiny shacks out of the logs and leaves they collected. The wooden figure was given a beautiful oak leaf for a tail. How much fun would it be to collect a different tail during each forest walk? Different leaves from each new season, with different colors and from different trees? And so, the idea of ​​Guineuoak was born: (guineu means fox in Catalan) a lively and versatile toy that inspires parents and kids to play together. 

From design to finished product, Guineuoak toys are manufactured in a family workshop, in the valley of Montseny, Catalonia, Spain. Guineuoak offers sustainable, unique, durable, heirloom toys that your family will enjoy together for years to come.