KIT STUDIO WORKSHOP: Lego Printing with Kristy Cavaretta

Session Time

The studio is OPEN and we're ready to welcome you in!

Join artist Kristy Cavaretta for a fun afternoon of legos and art making! We’ll create scenes using lego dots that we’ll then ink and print onto vibrant papers creating your own unique piece of art.

Perfect for kids ages 5+

1.5 hours of fun!

Kristy Cavaretta is a graphic designer, artist, and mother of three living on the Southern Maine seacoast. She enjoys exploring the minutiae of domestic life through a variety of media. 

Cavaretta earned her undergraduate degree in Visual and Media Arts from Boston's Emerson College and a Graphic Design Certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2012 she moved to the seacoast with her husband after a decade of working in the film industry in Los Angeles. She worked as a graphic designer until she had her first child in 2016 and continues to work as a freelance designer for numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and Old York Historical Society. Cavaretta began learning printmaking in 2014 at Chases Garage in York, Maine in various workshop settings.

Since having her children she has leaned into block printing, direct object printing, and collagraph printing for their accessibility and speed. Either the ability to make a block in a single nap time sitting or chipping away at a larger work little by little over a long period of time.

Instagram: @kristy.cavaretta