Mischievous Murphy


Mischievous Murphy tells the tale of a rambunctious Maine Coon Kitten who leaves behind her first family to face unknown adventures with her new forever family, including the resident Rottweiler, named Roo.

This children’s picture book offers illustrations that coincide with a story that rhymes and a facts page offering basic information on the Maine Coon Cat. Mischievous Murphy will warm the hearts of children as well as adults.

Ten percent of the profit from the sale of each book will benefit The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

0-8 Years

45 Pages
8 7/8″ x 11 3/8″

Mary Claire Howe was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts and began drawing at an early age discovering that she was able to create or recreate images easily. As a child, she was encouraged by the late Joseph Goss Cowell, well known artist, sculptor and family friend. He offered some guidance without influencing his own distinctive style, allowing her natural ability as an aspiring young artist, to come through.

Over the years even though busy with family and work, Mary's love for the arts never waned. The desire to paint has always been within and she is happiest when she is creating something to share with those who appreciate the visual arts.

Mary is the mother of two adult children and the grandmother of five.

She resides in Brunswick, ME with her husband, a dog named Roo and a cat named Murphy for which the book was written. In Mary's spare time, she enjoys being with family, painting, music, reading, RV camping and contemplating her next book...

"I LOVE the book. What a wonderful, playful kitten. The illustrations are just beautiful. The book is delightful!"
-Nancy Robicheau

"This is such a cute book. This is the second one of these I have bought. Both are for Christmas presents. I hope I can keep at least one of them till Christmas. I know my adult friends will love the book. They both love Maine. Such a good surprise for them." -Jennie Ray

"Murphy is a mischievous Maine Coon cat -- a Kitten-Cat talented in the Art of Cat, as is Mary Claire Howe who depicts the warm and bright colors of home light -- the brightest light being the bright green eyes of Murphy! -- As with the Poetry of Cat she tells the story of Murphy's adventures in keeping her humans, and Roo, the big brown-eyed dog, and all the household life in their home in Maine well-managed in all that is Proper to Suit the Cat!

And this is all as it should be, for, as she writes, "Dogs Are Loyal But Cats Are Royal . . ." And Murphy would agree with that . . . with Purrs!

While on a visit to a friend who lives in Maine, I saw the publication notice for Mischievous Murphy, by Mary Claire Howe. The charming cover art was shown and caught my eye -- and my heart-- at once! Now, having read the book . . . I want to have Murphy come home to me as well, to sit purring upon my book-shelves, gracing my home with her bright eyes and wayward ways! I must get a copy of Mischievous Murphy for my very own!

There is another very special reason to purchase this delightful book. Ten percent of the profit from the sale of each book will be donated to "The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital At Maine Medical Center." Mary Claire Howe has Heart's reason to support the work done there, writing of her "sincere thanks and gratitude to the dedicated doctors and nurses who provided exceptional care to (her) grandson, Ethan, during two stays at BBCH.

This book warms the heart in more ways than one!"
-Victoria Singer