Rain Hat - Rainy

By Reima
Color: Yellow
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This rain hat protects little ears, necks and faces from both lightweight and heavy showers. An unlined item, it is lightweight and made from a flexible material with no PVC. The welded seams make sure no water seeps through this rain hat, so you can splash in as many puddles as you'd like!

  • Waterproof, welded seams
  • Flexible material
  • PVC free - because we care about the environment
  • No lining
  • Reflecting details

100% polyester, polyurethane coating

PVC free

Reima products are free from forbidden substances and are designed to minimize risk and maximize comfort in use. They aim to not only fulfill quality and safety regulations but to go above and beyond them with each product. To save resources for the future, they develop products that are easy-care and have a long life.

  • FREE FROM PVC: PVC plastics are often made softer by using harmful phthalates, thus Reima does not use polyvinyl (PVC) in this or other Reima products.
  • WASH LESS: Thanks to Reima's safe, PFC free surface finish, often it's enough to just wipe the outerwear clean. This saves water, energy, detergent and time.