Nature Parade


Nature’s noises… can you hear them?
Nature’s wonders… can you see them? 

It starts as a small song… faint at first, as the wind picks up speed. 

Leaves, whirling and twirling. 

Next a rock starts to roll as it finds the rhythm of the woods.

Birds join, a bee’s wings flit. Soon the whole forest is filled with magnificent sights and sounds, but who is there to hear it? Who is there to see it?

Two red shoes have come out to play and the child within them are the audience for nature’s parade. 

Spectacular sights and sounds fill this day in the woods with adventure, wonder and delight!

An interactive read aloud full of cascading sounds and movements, perfect for ages 2-6 years old.

As an early childhood educator and mother of two, Nikki believes in the importance of daily unstructured outdoor play. Seeing and exploring nature's beauty through the eyes of children inspired her debut picture book, Nature Parade. Nikki currently resides in the Green Mountains of Vermont, with her family and menagerie of animals. 

Martina grew up in a small village on the Baltic Sea in Germany. You could often find her galloping with flying pigtails on her Shetland pony Ricky, drawing, or reading. She studied graphic design and illustration in Hamburg. These days she lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband, two kids, and two guinea pigs.