Friend of the Foreside?

This year's Kittery Foreside Tee sold out in a flash! Don't despair, we're making more. Follow the link to pre-order yours so you can rep your favorite community all year long.

(Pre-Order available until SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd)

Thoughtful Goods for Outdoor Kids!

From the littlest babies to those adventurous big kids, we've got everything you need to #getoutsideandplay

Join us for a Story!

Come visit us in Kittery Foreside for our weekly story time. Bring the kiddos for a relaxed morning at the shop filled with giggles, stories, and chill vibes!


get prepped for PUDDLES!

Rainy days don't stand a chance with our collection of recycled rain gear from Kuling

the SUN will come out

Channel warmer days ahead with a new pair of sustainable sunnies from our friends at Grech & Co.

Shop Thoughtfully

At KIT we believe that slowing down and putting just a little more thought into our everyday purchases can make a BIG difference. That's why we do our research and ONLY choose brands who use ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. Investing in things for our children doesn't have to leave a harsh imprint on our planet.

Thank you for supporting us in this choice to shop thoughtfully.

kind words

Family, nature and ethical products, oh my! We are Kit super fans and love all of the wonderful, responsible products and ideas they have for families to get outside and experience the simple joys of childhood. More than a store, Kit is creating a community for families that is much needed. Thank you!
Lovely, fun atmosphere. Beautifully chosen high quality items for children. A delight for the adults choosing for those children. In fact this treasure of a shop is for both. To walk up the steps and through the door is to land exactly where you want to be.