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Family, nature and ethical products, oh my! We are Kit super fans and love all of the wonderful, responsible products and ideas they have for families to get outside and experience the simple joys of childhood. More than a store, Kit is creating a community for families that is much needed. Thank you!
Lovely, fun atmosphere. Beautifully chosen high quality items for children. A delight for the adults choosing for those children. In fact this treasure of a shop is for both. To walk up the steps and through the door is to land exactly where you want to be.

Join us for a Story!

Come visit us in Kittery Foreside for our weekly story time. Bring the kiddos for a relaxed morning at the shop filled with giggles, stories, and chill vibes!



Get Outdoors and Bring the Kids Along

What’s one thing you could do as a parent to ensure your kid has more confidence, autonomy, and ability to critically think? It isn’t some expensiv...

A Galaxy of Sea Stars and Other Magical Names for Groups of Animals

What does a charm, a murder, a cauldron, and a shiver all have in common? No, it’s not something out of one of your kiddo’s fairytale stories or th...

Trail Etiquette: MUD SEASON

April showers bring May… mud? Wait, that’s not the saying, is it? April showers might bring blooms come May, but it also brings a ton of mud on the...

Best Adventure Apps for Kids

Most parents like to bring their kids out into nature to get them away from screens. And, rightly so. There has been study after study about the negative effects of screen time and growing brains. But what would you say if I told you that not only should you bring your phone on an outdoor adventure with your kids but that it’s essential?

Hear me out…

Come visit us in Vacationland!

Our shop is located on the coast of Maine in the beautiful town of Kittery. Just an hour north of Boston or an hour south of Portland we are the perfect pitstop on your next family roadtrip!

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