Thoughtful goods for outdoor kids.

Everything you need to get outside and play!

Find Some Balance

Let out some of those wiggles and reinforce gross motor skills development with Kinderfeets wooden balance toys.

Come visit us in Vacationland!

Our shop is located on the coast of Maine in the beautiful town of Kittery. Just an hour north of Boston or an hour south of Portland we are the perfect pitstop on your next family roadtrip!

Wed: noon-4
Thur-Sat: 11-5
Sun: 10-2


kind words

Family, nature and ethical products, oh my! We are Kit super fans and love all of the wonderful, responsible products and ideas they have for families to get outside and experience the simple joys of childhood. More than a store, Kit is creating a community for families that is much needed. Thank you!
Lovely, fun atmosphere. Beautifully chosen high quality items for children. A delight for the adults choosing for those children. In fact this treasure of a shop is for both. To walk up the steps and through the door is to land exactly where you want to be.