Hiking with Kids New England: 50 Great Hikes for Families


New England has a lot to offer so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top outdoor tourist destinations in the country. It sees many people traversing its land each year, and many are there specifically seeking outdoor adventure. And, with families spearheading the need to get outdoors with their little ones, there are places a-plenty for exploring with littles of all ages. Whether you live here or are simply traveling through, Hiking with Kids New England offers up new and exciting adventures for parents and their elementary school-age kids alike.

Organized around location, for ease of knocking out all of those “bucket list” places, the book features 40-50 easily accessible day hike locations, with each hike featuring a color photo and a map. As is standard with FalconGuides, all the basic information—from trailhead GPS to best times to go to fees and contacts—will be there, along with trail descriptions geared directly for the kids. The book’s handy “Best Hikes For” chart in the beginning will identify the best hikes for water features, historic geographic features, views, cool flora/fauna, and more.

Hiking with Kids New England will keep its young participants engaged with tips on cool scavenger hunts; how to identify various animals, bird calls, and more; fun facts about the history of the land; and more.

296 pages
6.08 x 0.63 x 8.76 inches

Sarah Lamagna is an avid outdoorswoman with a great love for books and creating stories. Her career has spanned many topics and locations including working as a professional ecologist for almost fifteen years. Sarah specializes in the ecotourism and slow/sustainable travel industry. Her bylines include The Denver Post, 5280 magazine, VeryWellFamily, Territory Supply, Outdoors.com, and Matador Network. She was also welcomed as an expert on NPR's The Takeaway for her work on the wildfires in Colorado.

Sarah lives here in New England with her family where you will likely find her in her favorite mountain range: the White Mountains. She has been a KIT regular since our very first storytime on the stoop and is a regular contributor to our KIT Journal helping educate our community about everything from trail etiquette to animal facts!