Ponja Drawstring Pants - Natural

Color: Natural

These drawstring pants are undyed and unbleached, using only the minimum amount of processes and resources necessary to make them.

The IOAN Ponja Drawstring Pants are made in Tamil Nadu, India using locally grown 100% organic cotton. Lightweight and easy to move around in, these shorts are perfect for keeping cool during playtime. The adjustable drawstring also allows for a comfortable fit for all body types.


100% Unbleached / Undyed Organic Cotton Twill 


  • In April 2010 Industry of All Nations became a research, design & development office founded with the commitment to rethink methods of production for consumer goods, bringing productions back to the original makers, through the implementation of indigenous or new responsible manufacturing techniques, local to each area around the world.

  • From the ground to the finished product, this product is made at the source of the raw materials.

  • IOAN uses organic, recycled or biodegrable materials and processes
  • IOAN's worldwide team members and partners receive more than average wages and salaries.