Toy Car Utility Belt


This utility belt will allow your kid to carry their favorite vehicles everywhere! The inside shows different tracks from train tracks to cycle paths leading to the pockets. The outside shows a play mat which the cars can zoom around on. It can be worn or rolled up to bring out and about with you. The belt attach around the waist with a fully adjustable clip. It will comfortably fit a child from 2 to 8 years old.

Pairs perfectly with our CandyLab Toys Candycars

This item has been hand screen printed onto 100% organic cotton canvas fabric. It was also sewed together in a home studio! This car belt can fit 6 toy cars. It does not come with any cars. Flat the dimensions are 8" x 20". Each compartment is 3" wide by 3" high. Together with the belt the minimum waist measurement it will fit is 24" min and the maximum is 30"