Woodcut Alphabet Prints

Color: Black
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Hand carved and hand printed in York Maine, his woodcut alphabet print would look darn cute in your nursery or playroom. Combine a few letters to celebrate the monogram of a new baby, bring a classic A-B-C into a playspace, or celebrate love with first initials combined with an ampersand.

Each letter is hand printed and signed by the artist, Kristy Cavaretta. Prints ship flat.

9x12" woodcut print in golden brown ink on cream paper

Kristy Cavaretta is a graphic designer, artist, and mother of three, living on the Southern Maine seacoast. She enjoys exploring the minutiae of domestic life through a variety of media.

Cavaretta earned her undergraduate degree in Visual and Media Arts from Boston’s Emerson College and a Graphic Design Certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2012 she moved to the seacoast with her husband after a decade of working in the film industry. She worked as a graphic designer until she had her first child in 2016 and continues to work as a freelance designer for numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and Old York Historical Society. Cavaretta began to learn printmaking in 2014 at Chases Garage in York, Maine in various workshop settings. Since having her children she has leaned into block printing, direct object printing, and collagraph printing for their accessibility and speed. Either the ability to make a block in a single nap time sitting or chipping away at a larger work little by little over a long period of time.”

In the fall of 2023; inspired by my mother’s traditional Norwegian Rosemaling; I gave myself the project of completing a decorative woodcut alphabet. In a little over two months I designed, carved, and printed 27 blocks. I learned to work at my kitchen table alongside my preschoolers and sketch while waiting at the bus stop. I’m thrilled with the result and the practice has me excited to dive back into my next series with confidence.